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-An ethical environment where government, industry, and military leaders exchange ideas in open discussion of common problems and solutions.

Member Benefits Include:

  • SIGNAL Magazine
  • Access to other communications, intelligence, and information systems professionals
  • Most extensive communications, intelligence, and information systems network in the world
  • World-renowned conventions, conferences, and symposia
  • Chapter activities
  • Professional literature
  • Career transition assistance
  • Advanced education and training
  • Awards and scholarship programs
  • Member's room at conventions
  • VISA/MasterCard - Exclusive AFCEA credit card available (USA only)

International Events

  • TechNet international convention and exposition, in Washington, DC.
  • Western Conference and Exposition, in California.
  • TechNet Asia-Pacific conference and exposition, in Hawaii.
  • TechNet Europe, in Belgium.
  • AFCEA TechNet Canada biennial convention and exposition.
  • Intelligence Symposia, in Washington, DC.
  • Special Events.

Chapter Activities

  • Chapter meetings feature technical experts and government, military and business leaders in communications, intelligence, and information systems.
  • Chapters sponsor technical symposia and conferences.
  • Chapters provide opportunities to interact with professional contemporaries.
  • Chapter activities focus on information exchange.

Professional Publications

  • SIGNAL Magazine.
  • AFCEA International Press.
  • AFCEA Technical Papers.

Education & Career Enhancement

  • AFCEA Professional Development Center.
  • AFCEA Educational Foundation.
  • AFCEA Career Planning Center.